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Is this true story – A human genome was obtained from a piece of chewing gum that is 5,700 years old


Human Genome Recovered From 5,700-Year-Old Chewing Gum

Human Genome Recovered From 5,700-Year-Old Chewing Gum – is this true story? or made-up with someone?

No, it is not a true story. While ancient chewing gum has been found in archaeological digs and can sometimes contain human DNA, there is no evidence to suggest that a complete human genome has ever been recovered from chewing gum. This is likely a false or exaggerated claim.

I read it from this website: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/human-genome-recovered-5700-year-old-chewing-gum-180973801

I apologize for the previous response, it seems I was incorrect. The information in the article you provided is credible and appears to be written by a reputable source. However, it’s always good to keep in mind that not all information found on the internet is accurate or up-to-date. It’s important to critically evaluate the sources of information and consider factors such as the author’s qualifications and potential biases.

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