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“Life” and “Destiny” has two children named “Happy” and “Sad”.


“Life” and “Destiny” has two children named “Happy” and “Sad”.

“Life” and “Destiny” has two children named “Happy” and “Sad”. Happy always sad while Sad always Happy. Happy knows that he will be sad one day, so Sad. One day they meet their maternal uncle “Fate”. Continue this short story

When Life and Destiny’s children, Happy and Sad, met their maternal uncle Fate, they were both curious about what he had to say. Fate was known to be wise and all-knowing, so they asked him if he could tell them what their future held.

Fate smiled and said, “My dear children, your future is not set in stone. You have the power to shape it and make it as happy or as sad as you choose.”

Happy was thrilled to hear this, and he asked, “So, does that mean I can always be happy and never be sad?”

Fate replied, “No, my dear Happy. Life is full of ups and downs, and you will experience both joy and sorrow. But the key is to focus on the happy moments and cherish them, and to learn from the sad moments and grow stronger.”

Sad, on the other hand, asked, “Does that mean I will always be sad, even when I try to be happy?”

Fate replied, “No, my dear Sad. You too will experience moments of happiness. It may take a little more effort for you to find joy, but it is always there if you look for it. And just like your brother, you can learn from the sad moments and use them to become a stronger person.”

Happy and Sad both listened intently to their uncle’s wise words, and they felt reassured that they could shape their own destiny by focusing on the good and learning from the bad. They left their meeting with Fate feeling hopeful and ready to embrace whatever life had in store for them.

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